on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

do u ever associate a character with a certain person and every time that character shows up you’re like “THATS (PERSON)” bc i do it all the time

hghghg ive been sick for like three days why do i only get sick during school holidays

the lego movie was so good


if tumblr is so acceptign…. why cant i be a racist neonazi?? tumblr isnt all it seems…

I guess I was lucky to have this time with you, Ichigo.


”I hate cis people”

people getting pissed off at trans people rightfully venting their anger at the people who oppress them daily


So apparently there was a rumor a while back that cr1tikal works as a substitute teacher.

Could you imagine just sitting in class, waiting for your teacher, when all of a sudden you hear

"What’s up everybody it’s Cr1tikal. Today I’m substituting Applied Chemistry, let’s do this shit,"

what do you mean playing ace attorney isnt enough of a qualification to become a lawyer. see you in court 

how can anyone’s favourite emote not be :V

i look really cute today but i cant get a good selfie (regret)


someone left this as a review on one of my fanfics


someone left this as a review on one of my fanfics


My bird discovering her belly for the first time. She’s such a clown.


observe: the moment I fell in love with Kida